The Sacramento Gay Men’s Chorus creates entertaining music that inspires its members and audience by instilling pride in our diversity and common humanity.


Sacramento Gay Men’s Chorus will build a community where no one will be afraid to sing one’s own song.

Core Values

We strive to create and maintain an organization that values:

  • Diversity-We honor, promote and model diversity in our membership, music and community outreach.
  • Musical and Artistic Excellence-We strive to produce musical and artistic excellence through education, performance, and a varied repertoire.
  • Support and Connection to Our Community-We serve as musical and community leaders for the artistic and LBGT communities in Sacramento and beyond.
  • Action for Social Justice and Pride-We confront intolerance through action that shows pride and expresses the common hopes and dreams shared by gays and straights alike.
  • A Safe and Nurturing Family-We build and sustain a welcoming social and purposeful environment of fellowship, fun and shared musical expression for all of our members.
  • Personal Growth and Transformation-We promote personal growth and learning that challenge members to become all they can be and more.
  • Strong Organizational Stewardship-We maintain sound and transparent financial and operational practices that ensure a stable organization capable of achieving its mission.